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Need Creative email talent

Started by Mike A Sequeira in Design & Coding. Last reply by Amanda Jeffs on Wednesday. 9 Replies

I could post this as a project on Guru, People-per-hour etc, but thought that through a Club specialising in email marketeers might have better FIRST HAND referrals so I hope the moderator will allow this post.I am looking for a  creative agency or…Continue

Email Deliverability Monitoring Recommendation

Started by Rob Stack in Analytics & Metrics. Last reply by Rob Stack Oct 8. 2 Replies

Hello,Any recommendations for an Email Deliverability Monitoring product or service?  I am using Port25 for delivery, but need to monitor if the emails are reaching the Inbox for the major email clients.I am aware of Returnpath, which may be a great…Continue

Background color and image issue in Outlook and Office 365

Started by Rob Stack in Design & Coding. Last reply by Rob Stack Oct 8. 2 Replies

We are using the Bulletproof Email Background to add a background image that will be visible in Outlook. But, we are using transparent background. So that, we can add inherited background color from it’s parent. And it’s working fine in Gmail, Yahoo…Continue

How many marketing emails are mobile-friendly?

Started by Sergio Mandrone in Email Industry. Last reply by Amanda Jeffs Aug 26. 11 Replies

After doing some research into the topic, I found out that they're not many! In fact, roughly 89% of emails are not optimized for mobile viewing (i.e. either have a responsive design or have mobile friendly elements such as bigger buttons). This was…Continue

Tags: email stat, responsive design, mobile


Started by Joe Jackson in Analytics & Metrics. Last reply by Ann Peterson Jul 9. 9 Replies

Hi guys,I'm looking at the different options for email analytics and wanted to see if anyone had any opinions or recommendations apart from the obvious Litmus and Email On Acid?CheersContinue

Being Greylisted

Started by Jordan Vanderlugt in Deliverability & Rendering. Last reply by Jordan Vanderlugt Jun 30. 4 Replies

We use Silverpop which does a mailing health check before each send and gives you details on items that might make you mailing more spam-esque. Things such as "your text to image ratio is off" "subject line contains non-unicode characters" "Subject…Continue

Seed emails compromised

Started by Tim in Strategy. Last reply by Tim Jun 16. 3 Replies

Hi guys,     I've come across something I'm a bit concerned about and would like you guys' take on it.     For security reasons I get new aol, hotmail and gmail accounts and seeded my list with them so that if my list is ever compromised I'll know…Continue

New Canadian laws

Started by Tim in Analytics & Metrics. Last reply by Tim Jun 11. 2 Replies

Hi guys,    Was wondering if anyone had any comments about the new Canadian law about to go into effect, and whether anyone was worried or changing practices because of it?…Continue

Message Systems MTA - anyone used it?

Started by Frank Rumbauskas in Email Industry. Last reply by Matt Vernhout Jun 7. 2 Replies

First off, I'll qualify this by stating that I'm done with spending time and money testing commercial MTAs, now that I've come to realize I don't need one as owner of one single business that always sends from the same domain. Postfix is doing just…Continue

Tags: MTA, Momentum, System, Message

New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here!

Started by Tamara Gielen in About this club. Last reply by Matt Vernhout Jun 5. 551 Replies

Matt and I would like to invite all our members to introduce themselves in this thread. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you hope to learn/contribute to the Club. Do not make this…Continue

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