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Barracuda spam filtering

Started by Tim in Deliverability & Rendering. Last reply by Maarten Oelering Nov 9. 4 Replies

I was wondering if anyone knows the extent of spam filtering by Barracuda.  Is it worth it to join to whitelist into barracuda?Anyone with any experience or inside information on this?Thanks,TimContinue

Email MTAs

Started by Abhishek Bhandari in Email Industry. Last reply by Jonathan Hursey Oct 15. 4 Replies

Hi ALL,Does anyone know any good commercials or non commerical MTA to send more millions of email in a day. I know about powerMTA but are there any good alternates available? Thanks,Abhishek Continue

Any experience with

Started by Mike A Sequeira in ISPs & Email Clients. Last reply by Mike A Sequeira Sep 14. 2 Replies

I'm looking at switching from Benchmark to have any experience with this provider? Your feedback is most appareciated.Thx.Mike.Continue

CASL & How To Filter Domains By Country En Masse?

Started by Randy Macdonald in List Management & Acquisition. Last reply by Bill Kaplan Jul 15. 8 Replies

Hello,We are wondering if there are any software apps or services available that can filter a list of domains and sort the domains by country?  I am not talking about sorting and filtering emails just by country code (eg. emails ending in .ca are…Continue

What are your recommendations for an ESP, any experience with Sailthru?

Started by Tim in Email Service Providers. Last reply by Gareth Boyd Jun 30. 8 Replies

Hi guys,  I have a high volume customer that is looking to change ESP's  They are considering guys like Silverpop and ExactTarget, but also Sailthru which I've not heard of.They are looking to improved their integration into Social Networks and…Continue

Looking for someone to code emails

Started by Meryl R in Design & Coding. Last reply by Tim May 4. 4 Replies

Hi,I'm a graphic designer who from time to time needs to outsource coding of emails and landing pages. I prefer to work with an expert individual web developer over a company. My deadlines are usually tight and most of my clients are Fortune 500…Continue

Tags: needed, Coder


Started by Tim in Analytics & Metrics. Last reply by Tim Apr 20. 2 Replies

Hi guys, where would I find a list of cloudmark domains?Cheers,TimContinue

List Cleaning SOFTWARE?

Started by Tony in Analytics & Metrics. Last reply by Frank Strzyzewski Feb 23. 2 Replies

We have a very large list (2M) and it costs $5K+ to clean it from hard bounces. I recently purchased List Verify Jeet Pro and it is total junk..doesn't remove the right stuff. Does anyone know any decent list cleaning software? I've found a few…Continue

Anybody using an adserver for their emails, like Liveintent

Started by Tim in Strategy. Last reply by Michael Weisel Jan 26. 7 Replies

Hi guys,     Was wondering if anyone out there was using an ad server to server ads into their emails.  One of my clients uses Liveintent, which works and produces revenue but the yield is not much (I'm going to be using it for my internal brands…Continue

Email Deliverability Monitoring Recommendation

Started by Rob Stack in Analytics & Metrics. Last reply by Maarten Oelering Jan 26. 3 Replies

Hello,Any recommendations for an Email Deliverability Monitoring product or service?  I am using Port25 for delivery, but need to monitor if the emails are reaching the Inbox for the major email clients.I am aware of Returnpath, which may be a great…Continue

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