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Emails that automaticlly click links

Started by Tim in Deliverability & Rendering. Last reply by Tim Oct 31, 2016. 6 Replies

Hi guys,      Looks like this forum might be mostly dead, but I'll post anyway.      In acquiring leads, I'm noticing some of the emails show as many as 70 clicks on the first link upon delivery. Can't be a human being doing this, I've been told is…Continue

Barracuda spam filtering

Started by Tim in Deliverability & Rendering. Last reply by Bill Kaplan Oct 31, 2016. 6 Replies

I was wondering if anyone knows the extent of spam filtering by Barracuda.  Is it worth it to join to whitelist into barracuda?Anyone with any experience or inside information on this?Thanks,TimContinue

Email MTAs

Started by Abhishek Bhandari in Email Industry. Last reply by Abhishek Bhandari Sep 20, 2016. 5 Replies

Hi ALL,Does anyone know any good commercials or non commerical MTA to send more millions of email in a day. I know about powerMTA but are there any good alternates available? Thanks,Abhishek Continue

Strategy for Seedlist, Automation, scripts or any insight on how to monitor deliverability

Started by Reda in Deliverability & Rendering. Last reply by Reda Feb 16, 2016. 4 Replies

Hello All,its in my plans to create a module on my CMS called Seedist module... This module would basically be save test emails in the content management system's database and would be accessed and managed through IMAP to see results (inbox vs…Continue

Tags: deliverability, emails, test, seedlist

AOL / IOS Adding Space to Link URL

Started by Rob Stack in Analytics & Metrics Dec 28, 2015. 0 Replies

Has anyone experienced AOL or an iPhone adding a space or tab to the link url automatically, thus creating an error?  I recently sent out an email with a standard link url ( but when opened in an…Continue

Max volume per IP

Started by Abhishek Bhandari in Email Industry. Last reply by Maarten Oelering Dec 15, 2015. 5 Replies

Hi ALL,Can anyone suggest a commercial MTA license solutions send more than 1 lac emails/hour/IP?Thanks,Abhishek Continue

What are your recommendations for an ESP, any experience with Sailthru?

Started by Tim in Email Service Providers. Last reply by Scott Spiewak Dec 14, 2015. 9 Replies

Hi guys,  I have a high volume customer that is looking to change ESP's  They are considering guys like Silverpop and ExactTarget, but also Sailthru which I've not heard of.They are looking to improved their integration into Social Networks and…Continue

Spam Complaint Tracking Service?

Started by Randy Macdonald in Deliverability & Rendering. Last reply by Bill Kaplan Dec 7, 2015. 1 Reply

Hello,I am looking for a service that will track all spam complaints from all the major email providers.  That is, people who click the "Mark as Spam" button.  So we need to be setup for the feedback loops of these providers.  I tried this with a…Continue

Any experience with

Started by Mike A Sequeira in ISPs & Email Clients. Last reply by Mike A Sequeira Sep 14, 2015. 2 Replies

I'm looking at switching from Benchmark to have any experience with this provider? Your feedback is most appareciated.Thx.Mike.Continue

CASL & How To Filter Domains By Country En Masse?

Started by Randy Macdonald in List Management & Acquisition. Last reply by Bill Kaplan Jul 15, 2015. 8 Replies

Hello,We are wondering if there are any software apps or services available that can filter a list of domains and sort the domains by country?  I am not talking about sorting and filtering emails just by country code (eg. emails ending in .ca are…Continue



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